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Looking forward: view from the academia. [PDF]

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Thinking more carefully about respiratory infections. [PDF]

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Hepatitis B infection: what the primary care doctors should know. [HTML] [PDF]

Insomnia: case studies in family practice. [HTML] [PDF]

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Clinical features of acute febrile thrombocytopaenia among patients attending primary care clinics. 
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Prevalence of diabetic retinopathy in a primary care setting using digital retinal imaging technology. [Abstract] [HTML] [PDF]

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An elderly woman with intermittent claudication [Abstract] [HTML] [PDF]

A case of tubal ectopic pregnancy [Abstract] [HTML] [PDF]

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EBM Commentary

Is there a role for aspirin in primary prevention of ischaemic heart disease in hypertensive patients? [HTML] [PDF]


Cultural health beliefs in a rural family practice.

Antibiotic prescribing in primary care.

Research Notes

What study design should I choose? [PDF]

Designing a questionnaire. [PDF]

Funding for research: how to navigate towards it. [PDF]

Test Your Knowledge

Retinal images. [PDF]

A patient with dyslipidemia: to treat or not to treat? [PDF]


Beauty or health? A personal view. [PDF]

Book Review

A Review of Diseases In Malaysia, 2nd Edition. [PDF]


Dr Kamil Mohamed Ariff bin Shaik Mohamed (1947-2006). [PDF]

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