Volume 2 Number 1

Editor’s Note


Original Articles

Evaluation and management of dyspepsia – current perspectives. [PDF]
Goh Khean Lee

Systematic review and meta-analysis: an introduction.
[Abstract] [PDF]
Wong Li Ping


Type 2 diabetes mellitus with hypertension at primary healthcare level in Malaysia: are they managed according to guidelines? Singapore Med J. 2005;46(3):127-31 [PDF]
Chan GC.

Parental knowledge, attitudes and antibiotic use for acute upper respiratory tract infection in children attending a primary healthcare clinic in Malaysia. Singapore Med J. 2006;47(4):266-70 [PDF]
Chan GC, Tang SF

How do men perceive erectile dysfunction and its treatment?  A qualitative study on opinions of men.  The Aging Male. 2006;9(3):175-80 [PDF]
Low WY, Ng CJ, Choo WY, Tan HM

Depression, hormonal status and erectile dysfunction in the aging male: results from a community study in Malaysia. Journal of Men’s Health and Gender. 2006; 3(3):263-70 [PDF]
Low WY, Khoo EM, Tan HM, Hew FL, Teoh SH


Malaysian biomedical journals on the web. [PDF]
Teng Cheong Lieng, Khoo Ee Ming

The Malaysian rheumatology websites. [PDF]
Esha Das Gupta, Yeap Swan Sim

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Medical Education

Avoiding common errors in key feature problems. [PDF]
Kwa Siew Kim, Sheikh Mohd Amin, Ng Aik Chiew

Medical Education: Notes for Primary Care Teachers

What do we hope to achieve in family practice training and how. [PDF]
Chan Sook Ching

How do adults learn? [PDF]
Kwa Siew Kim

Giving feedback. [PDF]
Khoo Siew Beng

Tips in preparing for a tutorial. [PDF]
Ian Ong, Leong Kwok Chi

Test Your Knowledge

Interpreting hepatitis B serology. [PDF]
Loh Keng Yin, Kew Siang Tong

An adult woman with fever, cough and abnormal liver function. [PDF]
Teng Cheong Lieng

A 62 year old man with pain and stiffness of hands. [PDF]
Esha Das Gupta

Professional Practice

Going abroad to study. [PDF]
Nik Sherina  Hanafi

Doc’s Life

Healthcare in the fifties: Part 1. Reflections of Tun Dr Mahathir and Tun Dr Siti Hasmah. [PDF]
Mimi Omar, Zailinawati Abu Hassan

Healthcare in the fifties: Part 2. Reminiscences from our veteran colleagues. [PDF]
Mimi Omar

The association of lunar phases and mental illness: fact or myth? [PDF]
Loh Keng Yin

Book Review

Ong HT (ed). To Heal the Sick: The Story of Healthcare and Doctors in Penang 1786–2004. [PDF]
Reviewed by Khoo Siew Beng

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