Volume 2 Number 3

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Review Articles

Depression in primary care. Part 1: Screening and diagnosis. [Abstract] [PDF]
Zainab Abdul Majeed, Xavier Vincent Pereira.

Depression in primary care. Part 2: Management. [Abstract] [PDF]
Xavier Vincent Pereira, Zainab Abdul Majeed

Imaging as an aid to the diagnosis of acute appendicitis. [Abstract] [PDF]
Wijesuriya LI

Case Reports

A patient who refused medical advice: the doctor and the patient should look for common ground. [Abstract] [PDF]
Tong Seng Fah, Robert Chen.

Research Digest

Research Digest

Notes for the Primary Care Teachers

Tips for the new medical teacher. [PDF]
Yong Rafidah Abdul Rahman, Hamdan Mohd Noor

Teaching doctor-patient communication in family medicine. [PDF]
Yong Rafidah Abdul Rahman.

The effective teacher. [PDF]
Khoo Ee Ming, KS Teoh

Portfolio assessment. [PDF]
Teng Cheong Lieng.

of injury, have yet to be confirmed.18Top of Elite White Brandon Bollig Jersey pageACCEPTED CTE PARADIGMThe gaps in Elite Red Johnny Gaudreau Jersey the knowledge of CTE are substantial, and the collective human data, which are retrospective, and largely based on self selected cases, permit no Youth Miikka Kiprusoff Jersey conclusions as yet, regarding etiology or its existence as a distinct clinicopathologic entity. Nevertheless, the CTE paradigm from TBI to Kid TJ Brodie Jersey neurodegeneration is generally accepted, with efforts directed Elite Johnny Gaudreau Jersey more at identifying Youth Jarome Elite White Jarome Iginla Jersey Iginla Jersey the molecular events responsible for the neurodegeneration, than confirming its existence.19 TBI and ConcussionThe paradigm begins with the heterogeneous, Men Rasmus Andersson Jersey imperfectly modeled, and complex condition Kid Miikka Kiprusoff Jersey termed TBI. In depth reviews of TBI are available.19 Authenitc White Jarome Iginla Jersey Briefly, TBI most often signifies loss of consciousness and is arbitrarily termed if the loss of consciousness is Authenitc White Devin Setoguchi Jersey up to 30 Alteration Authenitc Red Dennis Wideman Jersey in consciousness for up to 24 or posttraumatic amnesia for up to 24 is also accepted under the Men Johnny Gaudreau Jersey mild TBI umbrella. The diagnosis of mild TBI may be entirely subjective,

We all know that archery is one of the oldest sports in the whole world and it has been played by kings and queens of the ancient times, but still is popular among Youth Mason Raymond Jersey the people nowadays. Elite Authenitc White Johnny Gaudreau Jersey White Brandon Bollig Jersey Relaxation is probably the key to a good, non quivering, and accurate shot because when you are relaxed, you already feel confident that you would be able to make a perfect shot at your target. They say that the up and down alignment is the hardest part in archery, but not Elite TJ Brodie Jersey losing your Authenitc White Kris Russell Jersey composure and concentration could guarantee that what you may have is the perfect aim or shot. See my website for Youth Kris Russell Jersey more information!Sports HypnosisTippmann A5Tippmann X7 vs. Tippmann A5NASCAR s Organizational StructureHow to find the Right 2008 Snowboard Bindings for You ?Suunto Gekko Elite Devin Setoguchi Jersey Scuba Diving ComputerGolf Putting Tips Learn How To Sink More Putts And Lower Your Golf ScoreA List of Wrestling Match Types in the WWENASCAR The Backwoods RootsWest Indies Lacks Preparation In International Cricket Councils World Cup TournamentsRussia wins the Fed Cup with an unexpected guest in the sidelinesWhy Choose A Life Fence Child Safety Pool Fence?Teaching Throwing Skills to Youth Baseball PlayersBaseball Coaching How to Get Peak Performances from Your PlayersFenway Park Seating ChartThe Revival of Bare Knuckle BoxingWhat is it that Qualifies Something as a Sport?Getting Fitted To Play Your Best GolfYankee Stadium Seating Chart ReviewChoosing the Best Tennis RacketQuest For Specialized Sports Workout ProgramsDan Henderson vs Quinton Jackson The BreakdownPatriots GameWinning at NFL FootballThe Golf Driver How To Hit It Long And Straight!Football Handicapping College and Professional handicapping (NFL)Quench Your Thirst For The Game Through Cricket ScoreYour Heart Out In A Cricket ForumDo I Need a Windproof Jacket? Questions of a New CyclistHow Are My Seats at Wrigley Field?

Test Your Knowledge

A young man with loin pain. [PDF]
Tong Seng Fah

A 55 year-old man with lethargy for six months. [PDF]
Loh Keng Yin

News and Reports

Highlights of the 11th Malaysian Family Medicine Specialist Conference 2007. [PDF]
Mastura Ismail



List of Reviewers for Malaysian Family Physician 2007

List of Reviewers for Malaysian Family Physician 2007

suggested in a recent review, including clinical presentation, age at onset, association with APOE genotype,8 and tendencies for Elite Red Miikka Kiprusoff Jersey neurological versus psychiatric signs, Elite Mason Raymond Jersey although Women Dennis Wideman Jersey none of these features provide a clear separation. Both CTE and DP tend to be viewed as variants of the same Kid TJ Brodie Jersey condition tauopathy caused Women Brandon Bollig Jersey by brain trauma.1 The exposure to sport along with the increase in ptau in parenchymal brain tissue has suggested head trauma as the Elite White Jarome Iginla Jersey underlying biomechanical etiology of Kid Devin Setoguchi Jersey CTE. Indeed, the recent, heightened awareness of concussion and subconcussion Youth Jarome Iginla Jersey as potentially important15 Elite Devin Authenitc White Devin Setoguchi Jersey Setoguchi Jersey comes from studies in National Football League (NFL) players. Elite TJ Brodie Jersey Rare Authenitc Red Authenitc Red Devin Setoguchi Jersey Authenitc Rasmus Andersson Jersey Jarome Iginla Jersey cases of CTE have been suggested in hockey player,1 professional wrestlers, rugby players,16 soccer players,12 a professional baseball player, and a circus performer.17 The issue of CTE possibly resulting from combat related traumatic brain injury (TBI) has also been raised; however, its existence as an entity in combat veterans and potential mechanisms
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excuse Elite White Rasmus Andersson Jersey Authenitc Red Dennis Wideman Jersey me for the 2nd JaMarcus reference, but that will unfortunately follow Mr. Davis’ legacy as one of the worst picks he ever made. The Authenitc White Dennis Wideman Jersey potential candidate will also have to do one thing Women Devin Setoguchi Jersey very well also, and that is to get along with Hue Jackson. Jackson will not be running the entire show, but he will keep enough Youth Jarome Iginla Jersey of Youth Jarome Iginla Jersey his swag that he will be heavily involved in the process. I believe that with the right fit, a new vision as to the Authenitc White Devin Setoguchi Jersey way players are evaluated, and Jackson’s already Elite Rasmus Andersson Jersey aggressive (some might say foolish or ignorant) play calling, a full off season and camp Elite Red Rasmus Andersson Jersey for Elite Kris Russell Jersey Carson Palmer, and this team should improve enough to challenge for division titles and playoffs for years Authenitc White Brandon Bollig Jersey to come. Jackson has Elite White Rasmus Andersson Jersey already made it clear that Elite White Brandon Elite Red Elite Mason Raymond Jersey Rasmus Andersson Jersey Bollig Jersey he’s putting the Elite White TJ Youth Mason Raymond Jersey Brodie Jersey last game on the players. After the defensive coaching staff was cleared out, I think it’s only a matter of time before certain players will be given their walking papers as Authenitc Red Johnny Gaudreau Jersey well. My interpretation of Jackson’s comments mean that he wants his defenders
to prematurely retire from sport. Top of pageModels to study overtraining syndrome in athletesTwo general models are Authenitc TJ Brodie Jersey used to study responses to overtraining in athletes. In one model, athletes may be assessed at various times throughout a competitive season, usually lasting 3 months. Physiological Men Devin Setoguchi Jersey and psychological responses are then compared for each athlete between periods of high and low training intensity, or between athletes showing symptoms of overtraining syndrome and those considered well trained (without symptoms). The advantage of this model is that athletes are studied in their ‘natural’ environment, without manipulating the normal training regimen. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to control for possible confounding variables, such as illness, travel, dietary changes, competition stress and seasonal variability. In the other model, training is intentionally intensified for up to 4 weeks. For ethical reasons, 4 weeks is considered the maximum time that athletes can withstand