Volume 3 Number 3

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Special Articles

Remembering MK Rajakumar. [PDF]
Safurah Jaafar

Dr MK Rajakumar’s legacy. [PDF]
Teng Cheong Lieng

Review Articles

Understanding and preventing computer vision syndrome. [Abstract] [PDF]
Loh Keng Yin, Sajili Chandrasekhara Reddy

Classifying asthma severity and treatment determinants: national guidelines revisited. Rumi Khajotia. [Abstract] [PDF]

Brief Review: An older woman in early pregnancy: what antenatal screening is appropriate? [PDF]
Sharifah Sulaiha Syed Aznal

Original Article

Pattern of ocular trauma in Kuching, Malaysia. Mallika Premsenthil, Tan Aik Kah, Asokumaran Thanaraj, Humayun Akter Faisal, Mohamad Aziz Salowi, Intan Gudom [Abstract] [PDF]

Case Reports

A mentally retarded patient with schizophrenia. [Abstract] [PDF]
Rabia Khatoon, Khoo Ee Ming

Research Digest

Research Digest

EBM Commentary

Role of exercise in patients with symptomatic knee osteoarthritis. [PDF]
Koh Khai Luen

Frequent ventricular ectopics in a healthy adult woman – is it associated with sudden cardiac death? [PDF]
Teng Cheong Lieng, Sree Raman Kunjapan

White coat effect and white coat hypertension: one and the same? [PDF]
Anis Safura Ramli, Nik Halmey, Teng Cheong Lieng.

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Test Your Knowledge

A boy with prolonged fever. [PDF]
Wilson SC Pau

A man with claw hand. [PDF]
Keah Say Hien

A woman with pain and stiffness of hands. [PDF]
Esha Das Gupta

Respiratory clinics: Ventilatory management in a patient with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a need for caution. [PDF]
Rumi Khajotia.

News and Views

Reflecting on research: self-monitoring of blood glucose among diabetes patients attending government health clinics. [PDF]
Mastura Ismail

Doc’s Life

Medical relief to 2008 Sichuan earthquake, China. [PDF]
Chew Boon How

Book Reviews

Occupational Health for Health Care Professionals. [PDF]
Edited by G Jayakumar, M Retneswari. Reviewed by DM Thuraiappah.


Know the common substance: table salt (sodium chloride, NaCl ). [PDF]
Loh Keng Yin.

Reviewers of MFP 2008

Reviewers of MFP 2008

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