Volume 5 Number 3

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Review Articles

The two-minute approach to monocular diplopia.
Tan Aik Kah, Faridah Hanom Annuar

Holistic management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in primary care.
Tengku Saifudin Tengku Ismail, Wan Haniza Wan Mohamad.

Short review: “I am hot, irritable and feeling low; what alternatives do I have besides hormone replacement therapy?”
Sharifah Sulaiha Syed Aznal, Nazimah Idris, Zainurrashid Zainuddin.

Original Articles

Oral antibiotics in acne vulgaris: therapeutic response over 5 years.
Adawiyah Jamil, Priya Gill, Roshidah Baba.

Diabetic hypertensive control and treatment: a descriptive from the Audit Diabetes Control and Management (ADCM) registry.
Chew Boon How, Cheong Ai Theng, Mastura Ismail, Syed Alwi Syed Abdul Rahman.

2. Notch activity inhibits neglect Elite Jarome Iginla Jersey induced death in mammalian cells. (a and b) HeLa cells were transfected with the indicated plasmids and cultured overnight. Culture medium Kid Mason Raymond Jersey was replaced with complete medium (CM; nutrient replete) or Authenitc Jarome Iginla Jersey Authenitc White Rasmus Andersson Jersey buffered saline (neglect) for each transfected plasmid. Apoptotic Elite Red Miikka Kiprusoff Jersey nuclear damage was Authenitc Red Devin Setoguchi Men Johnny Gaudreau Jersey Jersey assessed in GFP cells using Hoechst 33 after 6 . The data are corrected to the nutrient replete condition and represent mean from three separate experiments. (c) HeLa cells transfected with RFP or NIC RFP were cultured Authenitc Red Brandon Bollig Jersey Men Jarome Iginla Jersey Kid Men Mason Raymond Jersey Jarome Authenitc Red Kris Russell Jersey Iginla Jersey as described in panel a. After 6 apoptotic damage was analyzed using the TUNEL assay (green), and representative cells from the condition of neglect are shown; scale bar: 5 (d) Hes1 promoter activity assessed in a luciferase Elite White Dennis Wideman Jersey assay in HeLa cells transfected with the constructs shown in the panel; inset: upper panel shows an immunoblot analysis of cells Women TJ Brodie Jersey expressing the myc tagged Notch1 Elite White Kris Russell Jersey constructs. Lower panel shows central plane Kid Johnny Gaudreau Jersey of a confocal image of HeLa cells
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Case Reports

An 80-year-old woman with left shoulder pain.
Khoo Siew Beng

Tuberculous prostatic abscess in an immunocompromised patient.
Lee Ping Yein, Ong Teng Aik, Dayangku Norlida Awang Ojep.

Parasitic infection in a young man presenting with non-specific abdominal pain.
Farnaza Ariffin, Baha Latif.

Test Your Knowledge

Respiratory Clinics: Dry cough and severe weight loss.
Rumi Khajotia.

An adult patient with congenital heart disease.
Choo Wai Sun

An elderly woman with unresolved ‘stye’ over her right lower eye lid.
Azhany Yaakub, Nani Draman.

MFP Reviewers 2010

Reviewers for 2010

corrected for this defect (Notch1LNG Elite Jarome Kid Mason Raymond Jersey Iginla Jersey CCSS) imparted protection from death (Figure 2b). As expected, only Notch1LNG CCSS activated the Elite Authenitc Red Brandon Bollig Jersey White Kris Russell Jersey Hes1 promoter (a readout of transcriptional activity) in reporter Men Johnny Gaudreau Jersey assays (Figure 2d). Immunofluorescence analysis confirmed that myc tagged Notch1LNG was detected at the Elite Red Miikka Kiprusoff Jersey membrane as expected Authenitc White Jarome Iginla Jersey (Figure 2d, inset). Furthermore, by Elite Red Devin Setoguchi Jersey immunoblot analysis, both myc tagged Elite Red Johnny Gaudreau Jersey Authenitc Red Kris Russell Jersey constructs were expressed at comparable levels with increased amounts Elite Miikka Kiprusoff Jersey of processed NICD Authenitc White Kris Russell Jersey (85 generated in Notch1LNG CCSS transfected cells (Figure Kid Jarome Iginla Jersey 2d inset). Cells undergoing neglect induced apoptosis showed a loss of adherence to substrate, which was apparent in the rounded Women TJ Brodie Jersey morphology of cells undergoing neglect and disorganization of mitochondria (Figure 2e, GFP). Both these changes were prevented in cells expressing NIC, but not in cells expressing Notch1LNG (Figure 2e). Thus, the inhibition of nuclear Authenitc Rasmus Andersson Jersey damage by NIC activity correlated with adherence to matrix in Kid Johnny Gaudreau Jersey cells deprived of nutrients. Figure
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