Volume 6 Number 2 & 3

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Review Articles

An annual audit of the ear foreign bodies in Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia. Yaroko Ango Ali, Irfan Mohamad

Brief Review: Nail sampling technique for culture and its interpretation.
Leelavathi Muthupalaniappen, Tzar Mohd Nizam.

Original Articles

Risk factors for diabetic retinopathy in diabetic screened using fundus photography at a primary health care setting in East Malaysia.
Mallika Premsenthil, Lee Ping Yein, Cheah Whye Lian, Wong Jin Shyan, Syed Alwi Syed Abdul Rahman, Nor Hayati Hassan, Tan Aik Kah.

Prevalance of smoking among secondary school students in Sarawak.
Juslina Omar, Leelavathi Muthupalaniappen, Khairani Omar, Tuti Iryani.

Paediatric ocular trauma in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Tan Aik Kah, Mallika Premsenthil, Asokumaran Thanaraj, Mohamad Aziz Salowi, Intan ak Gudom.

Clinical characteristics of gout: a hospital case series.
Asmah Mohd, Esha Das Gupta, Loh Yet Lin, Gandhi C, Beryl D’Souza, Gun Suk Chyn.

Case Reports

Diagnosis and management of mild cognitive impairment in the community: what is the role of primary care physician?
Ambigga Devi, Suthahar Ariaratnam, Anis Safura Ramli, Ng Kien Keat, Radziah Abdul Rashid, Marymol Koshy.

An adolescent with anorexia nervosa – a case report.
Khairani Omar, Majmin Sheikh Hamzah, Saharuddin Ahmad, Loh Sit Fong, Noor Azimah Muhammad, Hizlinda Tohid

A child with epistaxis, reduced hearing and cervical lymphadenopathy: a rare case of nasopharyngeal carcinoma in a child.
Muhammad Izani Shiyuti, Irfan Mohamad, Suhaimi Yusof.

Test Your Knowledge

Respiratory Clinics: Cough, haemoptysis and increasing breathlessness in a 55-year-old cachexic male.
Rumi Khajotia.

An elderly smoker with abnormal chest film. Rohsila Muhamad, Nani Draman.

Evidence Based Commentary

Role of Mantoux test in the diagnosis of tuberculosis.
Loh Keng Yin


Management of schizophrenia in adults.
Abdul Kadir Abu Bakar, Noraini Jali, Mohd Aminuddin Mohd Yusof, et al.

Management of dengue infection in adults.
Mahiran Mustafa, Ho Bee Kiau, et al.


Coining: an ancient treatment widely practiced among Asians.
Tan Aik Kah, Mallika Premsenthil.

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