Case Report | Volume 18: 12 | 02 Mar 2023

A malnourished post-stroke man with multi-morbidity and sarcopenia risk in a long-term stroke clinic: A case report


A 78-year-old post-stroke man with multiple comorbidities who was activity of daily living-dependent developed aspiration pneumonia associated with nasogastric tube (NGT) blockage. He presented with malnutrition and risk of sarcopenia with hypoalbuminaemia, small calf circumference (CC), low body mass index and small mid upper arm circumference. He showed symptoms of moderate-to-severe vascular dementia with behavioural psychological stress disorder, resulting in carer stress. Psychoeducation among the carers and referral to a neuro-psychiatrist were ensued after outpatient-based team meeting discussion. Herein, we highlight the importance of screening for sarcopenia and nutritional status in post-stroke patients with the use of the CC and serum albumin level as well as the involvement of a multidisciplinary team in the primary care setting to improve patient outcomes. Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tubes are more suitable than NGTs for post-stroke patients who require enteral feeding to improve the nutritional status.