Case Report | Volume 19: 27 | 24 Apr 2024

Angiomyolipoma during pregnancy: A forgotten risk factor for rupture and massive haemorrhage– A case report


Benign renal lesions are relatively rare. Angiomyolipoma (AML) is the most commonly encountered benign renal lesion. One of the complications of AML is rupture, which results in retroperitoneal haemorrhage with a mortality rate of up to 20%. Pregnancy poses a major risk for the rupture of AML. This is attributed to its hormonal effect, which causes the tumour to grow rapidly during pregnancy. The possibility of AML rupture should be considered when encountering pregnant patients with hypovolemic shock but with normal initial obstetric ultrasound findings. We present a case of a pregnant patient who was admitted with hypovolemic shock and CT scan confirmed rupture of AML.