Original Article | Volume 19: 40 | 25 Jun 2024

Development and validation of a video-based intervention on self-care practices for patients with hypertension in Malaysian primary care settings


Introduction: Self-care practices among patients with hypertension have been shown to improve blood pressure control. Video-based interventions (VBIs) are helpful in enhancing patients’ self-care practices. However, validated VBIs in the Malay language for patients in primary care settings are scarce. This study aimed to develop and validate a VBI series in the Malay language to educate patients with hypertension on self-care practices in primary care settings.
Methods: This study was conducted in three phases: (1) pre-production, (2) production and (3) post-production. The pre-production phase involved designing the storyboard and scripts, which underwent content validation by content experts and subsequently by patients with hypertension. Once the storyboards and scripts achieved acceptable consensus, the videos were recorded (production phase). The post-production phase included video editing and face validation among patients with hypertension. Statistical analysis included the calculation of the item-level content validation index (I-CVI) and item-level face validation index (I-FVI) during content and face validation, respectively.
Results: The storyboards and scripts for five videos were developed. The I-CVI of all videos was 1.0 after two rounds of content validation among six content experts. The I-CVI of all videos was 1.0 among five patients with hypertension. Five videos were recorded and edited, achieving an I-FVI of 1.0 during face validation among 10 patients.
Conclusion: A VBI series consisting of five videos was developed and validated for use among patients with hypertension in primary care settings to improve their knowledge of self-care practices.