Original Article | Volume 17 Number 1: 0 | 17 Mar 2022

Low birth weight infant among teenage pregnancy in Terengganu, Malaysia: A cross-sectional study


Introduction: The purpose of this research is to determine the factors associated with low-birthweight (LBW) infants in teenage pregnancy.
Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted in Terengganu, Malaysia, from January 1, 2020, to May 31, 2020. Records of teenage pregnancies in 2018 were retrieved from the Maternal Health Record Book and Pregnant Woman and Postnatal Book Registry. Simple logistic and multiple logistic regression analysis was used to analyse the factors associated with LBW infants in teenage pregnancy.
Results: All 357 cases that fulfilled the study criteria were included. LBW infants were the most common perinatal outcome among teenage pregnancies (19.3%), followed by preterm birth (9.0%), and both low Apgar score and stillbirth (1.4% each). Factors associated with low-birth-weight infants in teenage pregnancy in Terengganu were a teenage husband (AOR 2.0; 95% CI: 1.01, 3.96; p=0.047) and a mother with a low level of education (AOR 3.07; 95% CI: 1.20, 7.85; p=0.019).
Conclusion: Teenage husband and low level of maternal education are significant factors that need to be addressed to improve teenage pregnancy outcomes. Interventions to improve these factors should continue to be encouraged.