Case Report | Volume 18: 21 | 02 Apr 2023

Parsonage–Turner syndrome: A case report of a rare side effect of COVID-19 booster vaccination


The mass vaccination against COVID-19 has saved millions of lives globally. The majority of people experience short-term mild side effects; however, in rare cases, some develop long-term severe adverse events. This case report illustrates the case of a middle-aged man with Parsonage–Turner syndrome, a rare adverse event following COVID-19 immunisation. The patient presented with pain and weakness of the right upper arm for 2 months, which developed 5 days after he received his mRNA COVID-19 booster vaccine. He sought medical attention after 9 weeks of experiencing weakness with obvious muscle wasting. He reported his condition only via a phone application, as he thought that his condition was self-limiting and will improve with time. Herein, we discuss the syndrome and highlight the importance of patient education and early recognition of serious adverse events related to vaccinations in the primary care setting.