Commentary | Volume 16 Number 3: 0 | 28 Nov 2021

Primary palliative care. Caring for patients with life-limiting illness in the community


The 9th October 2021, was World Palliative Care Day. This year’s theme for world palliative care is “Leave No One Behind – Equity in Access to Palliative Care”. Evidence for the outcomes of early palliative care is growing. In 2014, the World Health Assembly passed a resolution that was co-sponsored by Malaysia. The resolution called for countries to improve access to palliative care as a core component of health systems, with an emphasis on primary health care and community/home-based care. One study conducted in Malaysia in 2019 estimated that by 2030, with the increase in noncommunicable diseases, 246 000 patients would require palliative care. For Malaysia to achieve equity in access to palliative care, care for these patients must be integrated into primary care. This article discusses some of the tools available for early identification of patients assessment and management of patients with palliative care needs