Commentary | Volume 17 Number 2: 0 | 19 May 2022

Recommendations and tips for passing the key feature problem examination


The Key Feature Problem (KFP), is part of the Conjoint MAFP/FRACGP exit examination for Family Medicine specialisation in Malaysia. KFP tests candidates’ skills in clinical reasoning and decision making. Over the years, KFP has been the cause of most of the failures in the Part 1 theory examination. This paper aims to highlight common errors committed by candidates and provide recommendations and practical examination technique tips on how to mitigate these errors. A summary of the 26 KFP cases used in the 2020 Conjoint KFP examination demonstrates the breadth and types of cases. From the feedback reports collated from eight assessors involved in this exam, we determined that although inadequate knowledge is probably the main contributor to failure, other easily correctible mistakes made by candidates further aggravate the situation. Common errors include offering more answers than requested, giving duplicate or incomplete answers, and writing answers out of context to the case scenario. The paper concludes with recommendations and sources for effective learning, and provides 12 examination technique tips. The tips include time management, reading carefully through the case, and checking that the answers are congruent with the questions asked.