Case Report | Volume 18: 23 | 16 May 2023

Topical gentamicin-induced acute vestibulopathy: A case report


Evidence suggests that otologic injury from ototopical aminoglycoside preparations is infrequent when used to treat ear infections with an intact tympanic membrane. Meanwhile, parenteral administration of aminoglycosides, is well known to be associated with a significant incidence of cochlear and vestibular damage. The discrepancy between topical and parenteral ototoxic effects is thought to result from a combination of factors, including the protective function of debris overlying the round window membrane, low antibiotic concentrations of topical antibiotic preparations, length of exposure and inability to detect subtle hearing or vestibular changes. Herein, we present a case of acute vestibulopathy following a 2-week course of topical gentamicinotic drops. Awareness of vestibulotoxicity following topical gentamicin therapy is prudent as vestibulopathic symptoms can be severely debilitating.