Volume 11 Number 1

Published: 9 Dec 2016


Moving Forward
Liew SM

Original Articles

Aetiological profile of paediatric stridor in a Malaysian tertiary hospital
Lum SG, Noor Liza I, Priatharisiny V, Saraiza AB, Goh BS

Test Your Knowledge

Fever and rash in an 11-month-old girl
Jamani NA, Puteri Shanaz JK

Test Your Knowledge

An elderly with a ‘bony’ smile
Mohamad I, Nadarajah S

Case Report

Pneumoperitoneum or Chilaiditi’s sign
Teoh SW, Mimi O, Poonggothai SP, Liew SM, Kumar G

Case Report

Multiple concurrent primary extramammary Paget’s disease
Leelavathi M, Norazirah MN, Nur Amirah AP